High quality, feature rich voice service at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) routes calls over your internet connection instead of expensive landlines. With our Cloud VoIP solution, there is no need to buy and maintain an on-premise phone system – your VoIP system is hosted in state-of-the-art data centres.

Cloud VoIP is changing the way businesses interact with customers. Not only are there significant cost-savings in terms of call costs, line rental, and hardware, VoIP also offers more features, flexability, scalability and IT system integration possibilities.

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All your IT and telecoms managed and supported from a single helpdesk.

As more IT services migrate to the cloud, the integration of on-premise hardware and systems, broadband internet and cloud-based applications has never been more critical for businesses.


We have built up an impressive track record of Wi-Fi deployments, from small cafes to large complexes.

We will design the network and get it up and running in no time, with add-ons such as Captive Portal to provide you with insights to your visitors.


Centrecom partners with over 40 Irish network providers to get you the best broadband for your business.

Save time and money by using Centrecom to complete coverage checks on your address and provide you with the best broadband options available that meet your requirements.

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Business Continuity during Covid-19

During these challenging times in which we find  ourselves  the health and wellbeing of our team, their families, our clients and contacts is of the utmost importance. We are closely monitoring the advice from the HSE and other official channels  and will act accordingly.

To this end we have implemented remote working for our team and a staff rotation policy for the office. Services are operating as normal and the usual contact details apply. Operating hours are the same.

Where possible any maintenance work is being carried out remotely to reduce staff visits to client’s premises.

We have also been working hard to enable our clients to work remotely. This is a new option for some of our clients and we would like to ensure that it is as seamless as possible. Obviously security is a key concern and we are putting all the necessary measures in place to protect systems and data.

We wish all well and will continue to monitor developments during this crisis and follow the advice and guidelines issued.