Poly Studio P Series personal video devices enable you to be your best self -- confident and clear from beginning to end. Make the most of video calls from wherever work happens. High-performance cameras compensate for lighting imbalances. Premium audio eliminates distractions.



Product Description

‎The Studio P5 from Poly is designed to be able to meet from home in a professional way. The HD webcam has a handy clip that allows it to be attached to a monitor, and a handy privacy shutter that can be closed when the webcam is not in use. On the back of the webcam is a USB input that can be used for wireless headsets. Finally, the webcam can be mounted on a tripod by a handy fitting at the bottom of the device.‎

Professional meetings from anywhere - be confident and clear from start to finish.



Take individual video conferencing to the next level with the Poly Studio P15. The camera bar features 4k resolution, a built-in speaker and microphones. Due to the handy bracket attached to the camera, it can easily be attached to a monitor.

The lens automatically focuses during meetings, which ensures a professional appearance. The audio is also enhanced by filtering out background noise.‎

Business Continuity during Covid-19

During these challenging times in which we find  ourselves  the health and wellbeing of our team, their families, our clients and contacts is of the utmost importance. We are closely monitoring the advice from the HSE and other official channels  and will act accordingly.

To this end we have implemented remote working for our team and a staff rotation policy for the office. Services are operating as normal and the usual contact details apply. Operating hours are the same.

Where possible any maintenance work is being carried out remotely to reduce staff visits to client’s premises.

We have also been working hard to enable our clients to work remotely. This is a new option for some of our clients and we would like to ensure that it is as seamless as possible. Obviously security is a key concern and we are putting all the necessary measures in place to protect systems and data.

We wish all well and will continue to monitor developments during this crisis and follow the advice and guidelines issued.