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  • Aoife, Office Manager
    Working with Centrecom has streamlined IT support for the company and the team at Centrecom work with extreme efficiency. The response time is rapid and any issues encountered are expedited with little or no business interruption. Centrecom understand our needs and find the best support solutions to allow us work to our full potential.
    Aoife, Office Manager
    Law firm
  • Robin, Chief Executive Officer
    We moved to Centrecom after a number of years with another IT provider and we experienced a noticeable improvement in service quality. We find our quarterly Technology Business Reviews useful both to better understand our IT systems and to agree on future improvements.
    Robin, Chief Executive Officer
    Frozen food manufacturer
  • Maureen, Manager
    Our experience with Centrecom has been nothing but positive. Our student network is extremely fast and we've had ZERO down-time and no issues. The separate staff network has equally been without fault and we have a great wall in between our activities and those of the students. Their support desk is very responsive and they are very quick to set up or remove new staff as required. I would certainly use them again in another residence whether student or private. Highly recommend them.
    Maureen, Manager
    Student accommodation
  • Eibhlin, Chief Executive Officer
    I have worked with the team at Centrecom for over 10 years. It feels like they are an inhouse team and part of the fabric of our organisation. They are experienced, smart and always respectful of our particular needs. We work in a highly regulated environment and Centrecom have to work and comply with our operating procedures. They unknowingly prepared our company well for COVID19, when our team moved to work from home, we were ready, and our data was safe. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
    Eibhlin, Chief Executive Officer
    Clinical research




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