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We’re excited to release a new help desk process that will allow you to easily submit support requests.

You can now log your requests in three different ways:

1. A new 3-click App on your computer (this is the easiest method!)

2. Email us at

3. Through our website

App on your computer:

On your workstation, simply click on the Centrecom icon in your taskbar and select “Contact Support”.

A pop-up window will appear (right). Where we can identify your workstation, your details may already be filled in.

Add your subject and description of theissue. Optionally, you can include an image of the error.

Once you click Send Request, you’ll receive an email that confirms we’ve received your message.

This new process is a client-wide best practice effortand it’s the only way to guarantee prompt service.

We understand that IT issues can slow you down. This new process helps us address your requests faster. It also allows us to be even more proactive and prevent issues before they happen

Remember: If you don’t submit a ticket, you will not be able to get work done on your requests.

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