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Customer Focused

Centrecom is about providing an exceptional customer experience. We build communication programmes that addresses our customers best interests. We talked candidly to both our customers and or network and technology partners about how to achieve the best results.

Centrecom has succeeded in maintaining a 100% customer retention rate which is our proudest achievement. Centrecom attributes this success by it high level of service to each customer irrespective of the value of the connection or communication programme we are applying.


Our multi-layered personalized service is based:

  • No call centres
  • Patient !Highly Trained! Attentive! telecom engineers
  • All ways available account management
  • Proactive network monitoring; and
  • A common sense & flexible approach to project management

Too Much Confusion?

Uncertain of what provider is available in your area? Which telecom service is best suited for your business? Are you unhappy with your current provider?


Too Many Bills?

Is your telecoms as efficient as the rest of your business? Do you have too many suppliers? Do you know where your money is being spent? Are you aware of what your getting?


Too Many Cables?

Are you trying to manage multiple services from numerous telecom providers? Do you know which networks to trust? Is connectivity critical to your business? Do you need good connection with good support rather than just a “solution”?