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Why Centrecom

In today's business environment your telecommunication and IT services are critical to the day to day functioning of your business. In modern Ireland, getting the connection you need combined with the support you deserve is near impossible under one roof.

Centrecom is a company that specialises in broadband and data connectivity that understands how critical the connection is and how important the support should be. We are a whole company exclusively designed around what your business needs, rather than what a network can support. We have a proven track record in delivery and post delivery support, with an exclusive client list that get and receive the best care and account management available in today's competitive and complicated telecommunications market.

Our Mission is to Deliver:


    1. A better quality solution.
    2. To be a single source partner that brings the best of all Ireland’s telecommunication service providers to our customers under one contract with one bill.
    3. A superior business delivering competitive pricing while providing top tier service and delivery.
    4. An experienced management and support team who knows the industry's inner workings and is 100% committed to your success.

Unique Approach

ICONO1Centrecom's centralised approach to telecoms offers clients a single source partner to reduce the complexity and administration associated with modern business telecommunication.


Customer Focused

ICONO1Centrecom provides expert network-neutral advise and exceptional customer experience. We spec, install and support telecoms services that exactly meet our customers' requirements and budgets.


Range of Technologies

ICONO6Centrecom is a network and technology neutral provider, who will match the right service and technology for your business needs. We offer the full range of internet connectivity, broadband and managed data services