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Mobile Workforce Management

ICONO1Looking to implement a homeworking or mobile working policy for your organisation? Want to manage a large mobile workforce or to enable a few key employees to work from home? Want to integrate your home-office seamlessly with your company network?

Progressive organisations the world over have reported impressive productivity gains from implementing well managed homeworking programmes. Organisational benenfits range from reduced office overheads, to less commuting and travelling time, to greater work-life balance, to less office distraction - it's about getting things done, not just being "at work".

Centrecom has the experience and expertise to help you realise the proven efficiencies that can be achieved through a well-executed remote or mobile working programme. From companies with 10 mobile sales people to organisations with hundreds of homeworkers, Centrecom provides a one-stop-shop to efficiently manage and support the programme.

Centrecom saves companies time and money in providing connectivity for remote employees. The service offers a one-stop-shop for broadband across all networks and technologies - DSL, Fixed Wireless, Cable, Mobile Broadband, and Satellite. Key benefits include business-grade support for end users and a single monthly invoice to the company for all employee connections. This greatly reduces your overhead in terms of managing a broadband programme for staff, as well as eliminating the cost involved in having staff expense their broadband bills.

What you get-

  • Coverage: we deal with over 50 Irish & UK networks so you don’t have to.
  • Efficiency: w single efficient service with reduced IT and management support costs.
  • Invoicing: single monthly invoices for all connections – giving you instant cost overview.
  • Customisation: additional services such as VOIP, VPN, remote email etc available.
  • Support: personal, professional on-going support – both technical and account management.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and how centrecom can simplify your telecoms.