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Business Broadband

ICONO1Need a new business connection or looking to upgrade your existing business broadband? Like to find out what the best value connection is for your requirements or what options you have available in your location?

centrecom partners with over 50 network providers to get you the right broadband connection for your business. And we’ll manage everything from coverage check through to expert and neutral assessment of the options to installation and ongoing support.

Centrecom will firstly undertake a comprehensive coverage check and present you with the definite list of appropriate broadband services that available to your business - for free and with no obligation. We’ll provide expert and neutral advice on which services are right for what you are looking to do. And we’ll show you how to integrate your broadband the range of services you might want to use it for like email, remote access, online back-ups, VOIP etc.

What you get-

  • Definitive Coverage Report: for any business location in Ireland or the UK, we will conduct a coverage check for free that will give you the definitive report on all available broadband services.
  • Prices: we gather the best prices and services for you to choose.
  • Expertise: we provide expert, network-neutral advise on the best services for your specific needs.
  • Customisation: we will listen and tailor telecoms services that suit you.
  • Support: personal, professional ongoing support – both technical and account managementprofessional ongoing support – both technical and account management.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and how centrecom can simplify your telecoms.