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Centrecom is the one-stop-shop for business telecom services in Ireland. Our mission is to improve telecoms efficiencies for our clients through expert advise and centralised management of telecoms. And our network neutrality means that you get the best impartial advice for your business telecoms needs on all the services we offer.

Cloud VoIP Phone Systems

ICONO1High quality, feature-rich voice services at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.


Multi-Site Connectivity

ICONO1Looking to build a secure multi-site data network from scratch or to benefit from the latest MPLS technology and efficiencies? Want to integrate new locations into an existing data network? Looking to build further resilience into your multi-site data operations?


Business Broadband

ICONO1Need a new business connection or looking to upgrade your existing business broadband? Like to find out what the best value connection is for your requirements or what options you have available in your location?


New Office Set-Up

ICONO1Looking to fit out a new office with a cost effective internet and phone system? Looking for expert advice on the networks and technologies available? Want a partner to help integrate your office applications with the latest technology?


Wi-Fi Hotspots

ICONO1More and more, visitors and guests to your premises expect fast, secure WiFi for their ever increasing array of mobile devices. For some businesses, Wi-Fi Hotspots are critical to achieving customer loyalty and maximizing spend per visitor.


Mobile Workforce Management

ICONO1Looking to implement a homeworking or mobile working policy for your organisation? Want to manage a large mobile workforce or to enable a few key employees to work from home? Want to integrate your home-office seamlessly with your company network?