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ICONO1From stand-alone retail outlets to multiple retail stores, reliable real-time data is the lifeblood of modern retailing. Digital Til and POS payment systems, centralised stock control, back-office applications, email and internet queries, and customer Wi-Fi all rely on appropriately spec’d internet connectivity and managed data network.

Centrecom can save retailers costs by ensuring their data network is designed to optimise reliability and security while minimising the number of connections required. Clever use of virtual private network technology can result in significant cost savings in interconnecting your retail outlets. Stand-alone retailers can benefit from cloud services that save on large infrastructure investment while delivering enterprise level applications.

Centrecom provides cost-effective data and telecoms solutions for all types and sizes of retailer in Ireland and the UK.

Services optimized for:

  • Single retail units with back-office function
  • Multiple-retail stores with centralised IMS

Services offered:

  • Internet connections
  • Secure VPN & MPLS network
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Active network monitoring
  • Cloud Services