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ICONO1Property owners and building managers have specific requirements for their internet and telecoms services. For example, Serviced Offices need to cater for the flexible internet demand from tenant companies while ensuring 100% reliability. Student Accommodation blocks require internet bandwidth that is tightly managed to ensure all students in all apartments can access the online course material they need.

Property-Management companies may need to provide cost-effective connections in multi-building campuses for diverse uses such as concierge offices, lift connections, security cameras and marketing suites.

Centrecom has developed specialist telecoms expertise for multi-tenant properties. From efficiently designed multi-purpose internet connectivity to broadband firewalling and bandwidth distribution, from managed internal networks (eg virtually segregated Wi-Fi and fixed point data networks) to fully outsourced IT support, Centrecom has a cost effective solution for property.

Services optimised for:

  • Multi-tenanted commercial property
  • Student accommodation blocks
  • Serviced offices

Services offered:

  • Primary and back-up internet connections
  • Internal data network management
  • Firewalling and VPNs
  • Cloud Services
  • IT & Telecoms Support