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Manufacturing & Distribution

ICONO1Modern manufacturing and logistic systems require mission-critical connections to provide real-time operational data. Diverse locations and transport fleets present challenges in maintaining reliable connectivity at affordable costs. International and global systems need to work equally well at local level in sometimes challenging locations with variable telecoms coverage.

Centrecom has extensive experience managing connections for manufacturing and distraction companies. From local data nodes connected to global MPLS networks, to country-specific solutions designed specifically to maximise cost efficiencies, Centrecom can offer a solution to fit your requirements and budget.

With reliability and security key to operational efficiently, Centrecom is your ideal partner in designing, implement and supporting your business through cost-effective data solutions.

Services optimised for:

  • Multi-depot Logistics
  • Multi-location manufacturing
  • Distribution fleet management

Services Offered:

  • Internet & Data Connections
  • MPLS Connectivity
  • Secure, managed Data Networks
  • Mobile Internet