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ICONO1Up-to-date telecoms is now a must in the hospitality sector. Customers expect ubiquitous internet access for a variety of devises at all locations on your premises or at your event. In particular, the explosion of smart phones and tablets means that WiFi hotspots are now almost as essential as having friendly staff.

But WiFi in many establishments is out of date – difficult to connect to, with slow internet speeds, and constant disconnections that all detract from customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In addition, with data protection and telecommunication regulations to adhere to, DIY hotspots are fast being replacement by professionally managed networks. And the great thing is, great Wi-Fi services don't need to be expensive and can actually provide you with valuable marketing tools for free!

Centrecom provides high-quality client-branded Wi-Fi Hotspots that deliver easy and fast internet access for end users. Compliant with all data and communications regulations, Centrecom Wi-Fi can also provide you with a valuable marketing database of Wi-Fi users for the business. In addition, Centrecom can show you how to take advantage of VOIP and Cloud Services to deliver more cost efficient technology to your operations.

Services Offered:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Wired internet connections
  • Network Management
  • Cloud Services

Sectors Catered for:

  • Hotels
  • Public Houses
  • Cafes