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Centrecom has developed specialised services that are optimised for specific industries. These services have been developed from a deep understanding of the industries' challenges and requirements, gained from our long experience of providing telecoms services in these sectors. While the industries may be diverse, Centrecom approach remains the same: to improve telecoms efficiencies through expertise and centralised service management.

Service Sector

ICONO1Modern offices require up-to-date telecoms to operate efficiently. It may be that your company requires higher internet bandwidth into your office, or to make your office more resilient with a diverse back-up connection. Or perhaps you’re looking at enabling remote working, or want to explore how VOIP telephony or Cloud Services could save costs.



ICONO1Up-to-date telecoms is now a must in the hospitality sector. Customers expect ubiquitous internet access for a variety of devises at all locations on your premises or at your event. In particular, the explosion of smart phones and tablets means that WiFi hotspots are now almost as essential as having friendly staff.



ICONO1Property owners and building managers have specific requirements for their internet and telecoms services. For example, Serviced Offices need to cater for the flexible internet demand from tenant companies while ensuring 100% reliability. Student Accommodation blocks require internet bandwidth that is tightly managed to ensure all students in all apartments can access the online course material they need.



ICONO1From stand-alone retail outlets to multiple retail stores, reliable real-time data is the lifeblood of modern retailing. Digital Til and POS payment systems, centralised stock control, back-office applications, email and internet queries, and customer Wi-Fi all rely on appropriately spec’d internet connectivity and managed data network.


Manufacturing & Distribution

ICONO1Modern manufacturing and logistic systems require mission-critical connections to provide real-time operational data. Diverse locations and transport fleets present challenges in maintaining reliable connectivity at affordable costs. International and global systems need to work equally well at local level in sometimes challenging locations with variable telecoms coverage.


Events & Film Production

ICONO1Telecom services for conferences, events and production companies provide unique challenges - from one-off outdoor concerts and festivals to regular indoor conferences and events; month long on-location film & TV shoots to year-long temporary studio production.