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ICONO1Centrecom prides itself on helping companies navigate through the labyrinth of providers and technologies to create professionally designed solutions that reduce cost and increase capabilities. Our skill is building bespoke solutions that are individual and tailored to your specific needs.

With our vast range of partners and access to the largest range of technologies Centrecom is a perfect fit for your organisation. Our operator and technology neutral policy to building a communication programme has proven to be our greatest asset, allowing us to build the right solution without being tied to a network or technology type.

Our Managed Network Solutions offer companies the benefit of working with one provider to manage an integrated national or global infrastructure inclusive of services, hardware, software and reporting tools to ensure the health of your network.

Our partners include Ireland and the UK's largest providers like eircom and BT to the smallest regional providers that have less than 1000 connections.

We are 100% provider neutral and go to great lengths to pair the best provider with the applications you want running across that connection. We source, price, deliver and support all connection types from our entire range of partner providers fromt he smallest to the largest. We pass on our economies to each client allowing you to benefit from our success.