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Our Story

ICONO1Our story began in 2002 when our founding principals were asked to solve an intricate problem on how to build a customised home working broadband solution for a workforce of over 300 people.

The difficulty for the procurement team, which included finance managers, IS/IT managers, and procurement was that no 1 company in Ireland could provide a single sourced, standardised, single invoiced solution to cover a work force that was spread across all 32 counties on the island Ireland. The answer to the problem became our company Centrecom.


Centrecom built nationwide partnerships spanning all 32 counties to deliver one solution to one client which involved up to 50 suppliers from both Ireland and the Untied Kingdom. Centrecom successfully standardised the delivery of each connection and worked tirelessly to ensure that each end user could engage with their global VPN irrespective of the type of broadband or company providing the connection. Our efficiencies reduced the spend on telecommunications directly related to the work force by over half and we have proudly continued to add value while reducing spending for this and all our future clients.

Centrecom has spent the last decade building from its origins, creating tailored customised telecommunication solutions for the entire range of small medium and large enterprises. Centrecom has excelled in this niche market, offering clients what they need without the baggage of networks or technology brands. Our product, is the ability to deliver any solution that's right for the customer and our achievement has been supporting it!

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