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Case Study: Mobile Workforce

diageo clr

Diageo Ireland needed a single company who could roll-out mobile-workforce broadband to hundreds of employees across Ireland - in satellite offices, home-offices and on the road. Centrecom not only provided individual options for each employee according to their requirements, they also project-managed the entire roll-out process. And Centrecom save us considerable costs through consolidating services and replacing expensive data connections with more cost-effective alternatives.

The Company

Irish multi-national, with country-wide staff.

The Issue

Approximately 300 staff of the company’s employee’s across the country work from home, either some or all of the time. The company had been using PSTN dial-up and ISDN dial-up for VPN access. However, the speed of connection and high cumulative call charges made this a very unsatisfactory solution for both the teleworkers and the company.

The Solution

Centrecom was contracted to replace all ISDN and PSTN dial-up connections with Corporate HomeWorker broadband. As the staff concerned were located in practically every county in Ireland, the rollout involved sourcing and installing broadband from over 25 providers – from national carriers to local community broadband schemes.

The Outcome

The migration from dial-up to Corporate HomeWorker broadband saved the company in the region of €250,000 per annum in call charges. The single monthly invoicing, single account management and centralised service support also produced a huge reduction in management, IT, and admin overhead. The company’s staff also reported a massive increase in home working efficiencies, with faster connection speeds and a higher level of service support.