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Case Study: Consolidated Invoicing

deloitte clrWith hundreds of data connections to manage for its diverse staff, Deloitte required a consolidated approach for a large diverse range of broadband connections across Ireland. Centrecom advised on options available within pre-defined costs, and provided an efficient one-stop ordering system and support helpdesk. Best of all, Deloitte receive a single monthly invoice for all connections, and giving them for the first time a clear overview of the costs of having diverse broadband connections as party of their data network.

The Company


One of the big 4 financial firms in Ireland.


The Issue


The company had previously set up their own broadband home worker project for over 100 staff and partners. They found that the support issues placed a huge burden on their IT managers and staff. IT staff were literally spending all day or multiple days trying to resolve a single fault with an employee’s home broadband.


The Solution


The company contracted Centrecom to migrate all teleworkers onto the Corporate HomeWorker service. Centrecom put a transition programme in place and migrated the staff over in batches. Existing ADSL routers were collected from the client’s offices on a daily basis and returned re-configured the same day.


The Outcome


The company has freed up the equivalent of one fulltime IT staff member, and is now more productively engaged on strategic IT projects. Centrecom has been able to provide broadband to more staff than with the previous arrangement, thanks to Centrecom’s wider selection of broadband networks. Also, due to the single monthly invoicing for all teleworkers, there has been a significant reduction in the accounts payable admin overhead in relation to controlling and paying broadband invoices.