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Case Study: Cloud VoIP


centrecom deployed its Cloud VoIP system to provide a flexible and scalable voice communication solution to opensky’s 75 staff across 3 sites in 2 countries. Included in the solution was a mixture of handsets, softphones and smartphone apps, together with boardroom conference phones and dial-in conference facilities. Scalability, reliability and cost effectiveness were the key requirements to support sustained growth in the business.

The Company

Since its inception in 2004, opensky has evolved to become the premier providers of management information solutions for multiple sectors including: Public, Health & Social care, Transport, Waste & Environmental, Retail & Manufacturing, Food & Agriculture, Charities & Non-profit, Higher Education & Research and Financial.

The Issue

With it is main office in Naas, Co. Kildare, and two satellite offices in Poland, opensky needed a robust and efficient phone system, to connect its 75 staff across 3 sites. The company also conducts regular conference calls with existing and potential clients, and needed high quality conferencing functionality as part of the solution. Also as opensky is growing exponentially, they wanted a scalable system that could grow with them without the risk of obsolesce.

The Solution

centrecom installed dual-resilient broadband connections from 2 different network providers, with automatic failover and active monitoring. To satisfy the different voice users, centrecom installed a mixture of VoIP handsets with headphones, MS Windows softphones, and smart phone apps for its mobile workforce. Also centrecom installed both boardroom-style conference phones and configured dial-in conference functionality on all phones. With free internal calls between their offices in Ireland and Poland, opensky enjoys reliable voice communications with an extremely cost effective and scalable solution.

The Outcome

opensky has the perfect phone system to efficiently and seamless support their growth. Adding new extensions and offices as required, and utilising an intelligent mix of physical handsets and softphones, opensky is leveraging Cloud VoIP to maximise flexibility, and minimise costs.